Benefits of working with us:

-We are licensed and insured
-You'll know when we're coming. We send email reminders so you'll know exactly when we will arrive at your property.
-We offer online bill pay.
-We provide you with after pictures of our work. If you're out of town, we will send them to you with time stamps so you're able to see the completed work.
-We are affordable, professional, and dependable.
-We are big on communication!

Instead of spending hours cutting your grass, let our landscapers do the hard work for you! Schedule your routine mowing services today.

Don't let leaves take over your yard or garden - call our lawn care professionals in St. Petersburg for superior leaf removal and leaf cleanup help.

Have lush green surroundings without worrying about the weather report with irrigation put in place by IB AT UR SERVICE LAWNCARE.

Keep your flower beds gorgeous all year long with maintenance services from our landscapers. We have the expertise to make your beds flourish.

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Have an Immaculate Property Without Lifting a Finger

Work with IB AT UR SERVICE LAWNCARE in St. Petersburg

Is your shoddy commercial landscape scaring customers away? Are you tired of spending hours working on the yard at your home? Whether you want routine lawn maintenance for your business or landscape design for your residential property, you’ll find the comprehensive lawn help you need at IB AT UR SERVICE LAWNCARE in Florida. 

Our specialists will come to your St. Petersburg home or business, discuss your landscaping needs and walk you through our process so you know what to expect. We take pride in offering superior yard care services and exceptional customer care. We’re so confident in our work, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Choose IB AT UR SERVICE LAWNCARE in St. Petersburg, Florida for help with:

General lawn maintenance
Landscape design
Landscape lighting installation
• Edging/Hedging
• Weed trimming
• French Drain Installations and French Drain Repairs
• Sod installation
Irrigation installation
Leaf cleanup and leaf removal

Regardless of the lawn care and maintenance help you need, you won’t regret making IB AT UR SERVICE LAWNCARE in St. Petersburg your go-to residential and commercial landscaping company.

If You're a Property Manager in St. Petersburg, FL

Contact us to clean up and maintain your properties

For any of your properties, we will provide clean up services for the areas including the irrigation work, putting down sod, trimming bushes, flower bed maintenance, adding mulch, mowing, and MORE! We will maintain these properties while they are vacant.

Want to Get the Lawn of Your Dreams?


An impressive, attractive lawn can enhance the curb appeal of a home and make it a wonderful space to entertain family and friends. Homeowners often frustrated with the appearance of their lawn may find it difficult to achieve the lawn due to the expertise, training and time required to make over their lawn. As a customer, you can simply draw inspiration from your favorite home and garden magazines and provide that information to our landscaping team, and we'll make it happen. Trained, certified designers, architects and technicians save you time and effort by giving you the lawn you have always wanted without the effort.

Save Time with Professional Lawn Care


Homeowners and business owners are saving time with professional lawn care services. As a busy person, you can easily become overwhelmed by the ongoing lawn care maintenance tasks required to keep your lawn looking its best year-round. After a long, hard week of work, you can kick back and enjoy the limited downtime you have with your family without having to worry about the arduous tasks of caring for your lawn. Professional landscaping services save homeowners time by handling the pruning, weeding, cutting and other maintenance services.

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No More Guesswork Required


Homeowners are taking the guesswork out of achieving the perfect lawn. A mix of products can be used to correct a lawn problem and could end up causing more harm than good. Improperly applied soil could mean more time invested in troubleshooting and correcting slow growth challenges. Additions made to the property in the wrong areas can lead to drainage problems, redirecting water back into the home and subjecting the property to water damage. Throwing thousands of dollars away on tools, equipment and products is a common problem property owners encounter when attempting to design and plan their landscaping. With a professional service provider, you no longer have to worry about guessing which tools, strategies or other resources are needed to have an incredible lawn.

Seven Advantages of Working with Landscaping Experts

1. Ability to identify the right time to seed
2. Access to knowledge of what turf works best for your lawn
3. Right selection of flowers that make sense for the lawn, homeowner's lifestyle, and climate
4. The right strategy to addressing problem areas in your lawn
5. Determine if soil is prepped as necessary for installing a lawn
6. Assistance with killing off an old lawn for new replacement
7. Identify and correct areas that lead to erosion

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